Traditions Start Small

We had been discussing the upcoming baseball season and how much fun it was going to be with our little guy this year. You know, after the whole World Series thing and all. Well, I had this brilliant idea that I would see to it that my son never ever missed a Cardinals home opener.

Well, that idea went up in smoke almost immediately when I had to be at church the morning tickets went on sale and Mommy was unable to get through to purchase any, much less any for the home opener. So, I resolved that he would only miss one home opener.

Then, the week before the game, we got tickets. He had fun. And so it begins.

cards fan
As always, there are more pictures here.

How very anti-climactic

Today Asher got his first taste of semi-solid food. I say semi-solid because it was that baby rice stuff mixed with milk. It wasn’t solid, believe me.

Anyway, we got the highchair set up, I made sure the camera had an empty card and plenty of batteries and Mommy commenced the feeding. Asher calmly ate his food, not caring much at all that this was a momentous occasion in his life. Be sure to click the pictures over on the right to see this not-very-exciting event. Yes, it was exciting for us as parents, but it sure didn’t give us any material for a creative writing exercise.

And so explains the lack of material on this blog. We really wanted to make this a place where we wrote about all of the hilarities and struggles that came with parenthood, but there really haven’t been any to speak of. Sure, he was diagnosed with a mild case of acid reflux which caused him to spit up a lot (but not a lot compared to some friends’ kids, so it didn’t really matter) and not sleep more than a couple hours at a time. But, for about 90% of his awake time, he’s definitely his Daddy’s son. Laid back, easy-going, only fussy when he’s hungry (if I’m hungry, I’m cranky). According to Mommy (Daddy had to work), he didn’t even go that crazy after getting four shots in his legs. We think he figured it out the first time and this last time he was prepared so the whole thing was smooth sailing.

However, we have definitely been noticing a ton more expression lately. He laughs a lot. He talks a lot. He loves his dog/”brother”. Here’s to hoping our kid gives us some material to write about here so we can keep you entertained.

Day Five

Three days is a long time when you’re only five days old. I’ve already been harrassed for not keeping this thing more up-to-date. Let me recap the past five days for you. First and foremost — he’s still cute.

I'm still cute

Second, the dog is finally figuring out that this one isn’t going to leave. He is usually ecstatic when children arrive to be babysat, but is equally as excited when they leave. This one’s for keeps, buddy.

The boys get some rest

He also had his first bath,

I'm cold

got all bundled up for his first doctor’s visit (which he passed with flying colors, by the way),

I'm scared of the doctor

and found out how much his cousins really do love him

Sam and Asher

TJ and Asher

Taylor and Asher

I know everyone loves pictures, but I really planned on writing more than making this a photo album. If you haven’t already figured out, all of Asher’s pictures are in Daddy’s Flickr album. He has his own set so if you’re ever really craving gratuitously cute baby photos, go there first. We’ll continue to post pictures here, but the format will likely change with time.

New Baby and World Series in under 48 hours!

It has been a whirlwind of a week! A new baby AND the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series!

Click on the picture to see larger versions and more!

The Youngest Cards Fan

I got to go to game 4 the same day Asher was born. Thanks, honey! If you happened to see the local Fox 2 pre-game and post-game coverage and saw the sign below, I was behind it. I was disappointed I was missing the clincher with the rescheduling, but I got to watch the game on tv with my son. God is good.

Cardinals Win!

Asher’s Nursery

We’ve spent a lot of time getting his nursery ready. We chose the Safari theme early on, but it definitely took a while to get the whole concept together. We started with the blue sky and green dragged to look like safari grasses. Then I outlined the animals from the bedding set we had chosen on the walls and took the next few weeks to fill them in. We got it done just in time for Sarah’s shower so we could fill it with all of our new goodies. Now it is done and just waiting for a little boy to occupy it.

Click the pictures to see them bigger on Flickr.

From the door

The crib

Monkey and Alligator-

Becoming a Daddy

I was taking a mid-afternoon nap when she woke me up to tell me she was pregnant. I blame that for my refusing to acknowledge the fact until I now walk into a decorated nursery or a living room complete with stroller, carseat, swing, bouncer and high chair.

It has been a crazy ride getting ready for the little guy. We’ve both always wanted kids, but I can’t say I was ever really prepared for the changes that would take place even before his arrival. Here we are, less than three weeks away, just waiting. We pretty much have everything we need except a no-longer-imprisoned baby.

Right now I’m taking a break from working to write this post and have my music turned up to 11. I walk very heavy-footed. Our dog jumps and barks. All this may be a little upsetting to a newborn. Or, more likely, it will just be hefty competition for his infant lungs. I don’t care. I just can’t wait any longer.

We hope this site helps you keep track of Asher’s life. We will use it mainly to keep you informed of the daily happenings around here. We may also write directly to Asher here for him to read later in his life. We’ll be posting lots and lots of photos (once we get a working camera). It’ll be interesting to see where we end up (that intentionally has several meanings).