How very anti-climactic

Today Asher got his first taste of semi-solid food. I say semi-solid because it was that baby rice stuff mixed with milk. It wasn’t solid, believe me.

Anyway, we got the highchair set up, I made sure the camera had an empty card and plenty of batteries and Mommy commenced the feeding. Asher calmly ate his food, not caring much at all that this was a momentous occasion in his life. Be sure to click the pictures over on the right to see this not-very-exciting event. Yes, it was exciting for us as parents, but it sure didn’t give us any material for a creative writing exercise.

And so explains the lack of material on this blog. We really wanted to make this a place where we wrote about all of the hilarities and struggles that came with parenthood, but there really haven’t been any to speak of. Sure, he was diagnosed with a mild case of acid reflux which caused him to spit up a lot (but not a lot compared to some friends’ kids, so it didn’t really matter) and not sleep more than a couple hours at a time. But, for about 90% of his awake time, he’s definitely his Daddy’s son. Laid back, easy-going, only fussy when he’s hungry (if I’m hungry, I’m cranky). According to Mommy (Daddy had to work), he didn’t even go that crazy after getting four shots in his legs. We think he figured it out the first time and this last time he was prepared so the whole thing was smooth sailing.

However, we have definitely been noticing a ton more expression lately. He laughs a lot. He talks a lot. He loves his dog/”brother”. Here’s to hoping our kid gives us some material to write about here so we can keep you entertained.

One thought on “How very anti-climactic

  1. Keep writing the little things b/c before you know it, you’ll have too much to write, too little memory and time will have flown by!

    He’s so beautiful. I hope to see him again soon!

    Take care guys!

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