My family

Fantastic Four.(who live in the grace of an amazing Master)   Mommy has X-ray vision and eyes in the back of her head.  Daddy he can swing me through the air, jump over the dog, and land safely on the couch in a single bound.  My sister is indestructible, she bounces off floors, walls, down stairs and keeps right on going.  Me, I have super energy, I don’t wear out and rarely get tired.  We aren’t really superheros, but some days even the littlest tasks once completed can seem heroic.

Mommy’s a stay-at-home mom and loves being part of our everyday lives.  Daddy works in computers, developing,  designing, and stuff.  My sister is 8 months old, Mom and Dad call her Little Miss Mischief.  I’m 3 years old and well just that I’m 3 and keep everyone on their toes.  Hope you enjoy checking in on my family…we are happy you are here.

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