You are loved!

Well you are 3 months old now, and I am finally getting around to posting. Right now, you are sound asleep in your swing, your favorite place. Tonight is a BIG night. You have been sleeping in a basket in Mommy and Daddy’s room. If I don’t chicken out, I plan to put you to sleep in your crib tonight. You have grown up so fast.

Flashback to almost a year ago: You are a dream and a constant prayer. We’ve waited one and a half years for you, and it is worth the wait. February 26, I tell your Daddy you are on the way. You are nothing more than a tiny seed beginning to grow in my belly. But you are LOVED. I am sick and food is the last thing I want to think about. I eat so you will grow. You are LOVED. We watch your tiny heartbeat on the screen at the doctor’s office. You look like a peanut (Daddy says you look like Casper the Ghost). You are LOVED. June 1, we wait as the doctor places the wand on my growing stomach; your Daddy squeezes my hand, and I know without looking you are a boy. Little boy, you are LOVED. We talk to you as you continue to grow. You make Mommy look like a whale, but you are LOVED!!! I sit on the floor, too big to stand, as Daddy works tirelessly painting your room, and we talk names. Asher is the favorite, so I run (ok waddled) to get my Bible and look it up. Asher means happy; blessed;it is perfect. Asher, you are LOVED. At each doctor’s appointment, I cross my fingers hoping you are on your way. October 25, the doctor sends me to the hospital. I am nervous, scared, and so very ready. You are LOVED. 5:42 a.m., October 26, you break my heart as I hear you cry for the first time. They lay you on my stomach, and I see your ten little fingers and toes. The next moments drag on forever as they clean you up and give you back to me. FINALLY you are here, and you are LOVED!!!

My darling little one, since you were born we have slept only inches apart. Tonight you will sleep in your room, but remember YOU ARE LOVED!!!!

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  1. Yeah! Finally a new post! 🙂 Sleep well in your new bed baby Asher. Mom and Dad worked so hard to make that room extra-special just for you….you ARE loved!

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