Becoming a Daddy

I was taking a mid-afternoon nap when she woke me up to tell me she was pregnant. I blame that for my refusing to acknowledge the fact until I now walk into a decorated nursery or a living room complete with stroller, carseat, swing, bouncer and high chair.

It has been a crazy ride getting ready for the little guy. We’ve both always wanted kids, but I can’t say I was ever really prepared for the changes that would take place even before his arrival. Here we are, less than three weeks away, just waiting. We pretty much have everything we need except a no-longer-imprisoned baby.

Right now I’m taking a break from working to write this post and have my music turned up to 11. I walk very heavy-footed. Our dog jumps and barks. All this may be a little upsetting to a newborn. Or, more likely, it will just be hefty competition for his infant lungs. I don’t care. I just can’t wait any longer.

We hope this site helps you keep track of Asher’s life. We will use it mainly to keep you informed of the daily happenings around here. We may also write directly to Asher here for him to read later in his life. We’ll be posting lots and lots of photos (once we get a working camera). It’ll be interesting to see where we end up (that intentionally has several meanings).

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