Day Five

Three days is a long time when you’re only five days old. I’ve already been harrassed for not keeping this thing more up-to-date. Let me recap the past five days for you. First and foremost — he’s still cute.

I'm still cute

Second, the dog is finally figuring out that this one isn’t going to leave. He is usually ecstatic when children arrive to be babysat, but is equally as excited when they leave. This one’s for keeps, buddy.

The boys get some rest

He also had his first bath,

I'm cold

got all bundled up for his first doctor’s visit (which he passed with flying colors, by the way),

I'm scared of the doctor

and found out how much his cousins really do love him

Sam and Asher

TJ and Asher

Taylor and Asher

I know everyone loves pictures, but I really planned on writing more than making this a photo album. If you haven’t already figured out, all of Asher’s pictures are in Daddy’s Flickr album. He has his own set so if you’re ever really craving gratuitously cute baby photos, go there first. We’ll continue to post pictures here, but the format will likely change with time.

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