Longest day in 19months

Last night my precious son spiked a 102 fever. It came out of nowhere. He had played hard all day; a lot of time outside enjoying his first time with sidewalk chalk. Running around with Daddy in the back yard…not once did he seem sick. Our plans were to get up this morning and take a family trip to the zoo. That was not to happen. I was at a loss when we got ready for bed, and he burst into tears. On a whim, I took his temperature. 102 is the highest it has ever been.

I kept watch and temp readings on him through the night. Woke him up to give him Tylenol to keep the fever down. I am so grateful our pediatrician has Saturday morning office hours. By 9 am, Asher was diagnosed with strep and given antibiotics. He was miserable. Just kept wanting to watch “M-Elmo” and snuggle. He took two naps, was never up longer than a few hours before needing to go back down. Awake he sat on my lap whimpering, didn’t want to drink or eat, and he was so warm. At one point the thermometer read 103.8.

Some of you are reading this post thinking,”been there done that”. Others of you have been through much worse, but for my little guy in 19 months this is the most pitiful he has ever been. He has had numerous ear infections, usually a double; a few sinus infections, but the highest fever he has ever had is 100. With every sickness he has, he whines a little, but for the most part he is cheerful and good natured. My heart broke today as I cuddled my little one and tried to console him. I felt helpless, nothing I did could make it better. I physically hurt for him and wanted to just take it away. So that is why I say in 19months this has been the longest day!!!

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  1. I’m so sorry. Having a sick kid is no fun. I seeing my children suffer when they’re sick. I hope he is doing better by now.

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