Happy Mother’s Day….

…..to all of you who are and to all of you who will be. I love being a mommy. Every moment of every day he makes me smile. He has recently started running and hugging me so hard around the neck it is like a choke hold. Then there are the moments he walks up and plants a slobbery wet kiss right on my lips. I love to hear him run though the house yelling ma-ma-ma or his arms raised high in the air “up(u) up(u)”. (Not sure why he adds the short u sound.)

There is just something amazing as I see him grow to think that 18+ months ago he was this tiny little bundle wrapped in a blanket, wrinkly, and red. 9 months before that he was a little bitty dot on an ultrasound machine. Pretty sure the first time I saw him he was a speck of dust on the screen, but when the doctor printed out the picture it was still there.

Please walk down memory lane with me.

Prego belly
Only time I was okay with a big belly

20061026 060

My mom and I looking down at my little man


First Cardinal’s game

Loving Pooh

Trip to Disney World


1st trip to the beach/1st trip w/o Daddy

Mommy and Pooh

Halloween 1 yr and 5 days old


Easter…Mommy’s little man

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day….

  1. what a fun post! It’s cool to see how he’s changed so much in just a year and a half. I saw Asher walking around at Tracie’s reception and it was fun to see the little guy that I read about regularly 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your time with the family.

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