Didn’t mean to teach….

We spend so much time teaching our little ones. We work on words and letters, numbers and names of friends and family. We discipline and praise to get them to differentiate between right and wrong. Then they become our little parrots…words you say and things you do must be more carefully monitored. Well right now I am battling some issues with my asthma. It comes down to a lot of congestion, so though it is far from lady-like, I am working hard to get the stuff out of my chest. I’m sure many of your know what this is like. Well my little guy has heard and watched me over the last few days. Here is one of those moments that I didn’t mean to teach. Today he coughs goes over toward our kitchen sink which is a foot and some above his head and mocks the sounds of spitting. I just had to laugh. Hey, Mommy’s allergies are the very reason he was blowing his nose at 1 year old, so I suppose teaching him early how to get out the phlegm isn’t all bad. he he, I love my little parrot!

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