St. Louis Flood ’08

We live pretty close to the Meramec River; this is the first flood that has directly effected me. On Easter Sunday the river had swelled over a major piece of road nearby. We had to reroute our path to church…nothing compared to all the people whose houses were covered, and they were rerouting their lives. Just thought I would share a few pictures. If you click on any of these you will get the bigger versions.

Look closely that is Hwy 44 going over….see the traffic lights. This was our road to church.

IMG_8600 IMG_8594


This is the entrance ramp to the highway as well as an outer road to a few fast food places off to the right.



These are a ton of old businesses, and the water covered quite a few blocks beyond where I am standing before every getting to the river banks. The building behind Asher was lucky to be up on that hill, almost like its own little island. Notice the sandbags all around.




Another road we drive on all the time. Thankfully, though it got really close it never went over, just lapped the edges.



Had to sneak in a cutey one of the little man.


Had to sneak in a cutey one of the little man.



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