Our flood of ’08

Our basement took a hit with all the rains in the last month. The Tuesday before Easter, Lance texts me at BSF to let me know we have a little water in the basement. Not but a few minutes later in comes another text…..”A lot of water.” I was helpless needing to stay and teach. He was at home putting our furniture up on blocks and peeling up carpet to start the floor pump going. (This happened once before, same situation where we just had a ton of moisture, unheard of for the normal monthly totals.) Lance monitored it all day and when our neighbor got home and saw the extended piping from the sump pump he called Lance and offered him another floor pump. It stayed an inch to 2 inches deep all afternoon and evening with the sump pump running and two floor pumps. We worked side by side into the night and went to bed hoping the pumps wouldn’t run dry. Lance got up every few hours to go the basement and check them. By morning the water had stopped coming through the floor, and we had a mess.

All drains lead to the sump pump


I can’t complain, people all over our city had water in their basements. By Easter weekend, a lot of people had water filling their homes and businesses. We opted to just rip out all the carpeting and start from scratch on the “finished side”. Thanks to family and friends who joined me Wednesday night and ripped up all the carpet and helped me haul it upstairs. We will eventually tile down there…then we have the empty canvas to finally do our basement with the Cardinal theme. When the old stadium was torn down I bought my husband seats….so they will get mounted as well. We are excited for the possibilities that the flooded basement has given us. My only complaint is that it will be a work of patience, and it had been Lance and I’s movie/Wii space. BUT none of our things were ruined, so the complaining stops here.Slave laborCombatting seepage

5 thoughts on “Our flood of ’08

  1. That’s terrible.

    But I guess loss of carpet you didn’t really want is not that bad, considering.

    Still, waking up every couple hours to check the pumps is draining (so to speak) and tearing up carpet and cleaning up ain’t no fun.

  2. Oh man, we went through that last year. Not fun. I guess it’s just part of life with a basement though.

    When we were at camp, they were telling us about how high the river was from all that rain…it was almost to the stables!

  3. How fun that you are going to have a cardinals room– Adam’s not a fan of the cardinals… or basically any Missouri teams… but I always root for them. 🙂

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