Ugh, how to blog regularly

I check a ton of my friend’s blogs regularly, and every few days they have a new tidbit or set of pics. Why is this so hard for me??!! It’s not like I don’t have material to post…I mean come on, I’ve got an 18month old. Every day he is doing something that makes me die laughing, and I have to run for the camera. Our basement flooded back before Easter, I have Easter pics, and we took a trip to Turkey Hill to visit family. I’m gonna try harder. I always think of things or read a devotional I want to share, but if I don’t sit down in that moment it escapes me. So here is a post to help remind me that this is something I want to do, and need to get to it. So keep your eyes open, starting next week I am going to post some of the past and start moving forward to be more regular.

Here’s a teaser: his first bubble bath


5 thoughts on “Ugh, how to blog regularly

  1. Hey Sarah– glad you found our blog… I actually decided to use wordpress after seeing your blog. Anyhow– vball weekend went well I heard, but I actually didn’t make it down because I had already agreed to go to Hermann with my mom.

    That picture really brings out Asher’s eyelashes!

  2. i am so glad you will be blogging more! it does take a little more time, but it is fun. however, we all get sidetracked, so i definitely understand that.

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