Dream Job: the sequel

Thank you so much to all of you who commented….it was so encouraging. I just wanted to do a quick follow-up. Lance has decided that right now “his dream job” is not where God is leading him. However, along the same line, he has just accepted a 12 month contract. This is great news for us, because he had lost a contract about a month ago and has been without work. (For those who do not know, he is self-employed) This new direction will give him steady income for a year, while he weighs what is God’s will for his life.

To add to this I wanted people to know that the relocation for his “dream job” was Sydney, Australia. 20 hr flight, and literally across the globe, I am thankful for now the Lord has not called us there…..However my heart is much better prepared should he call us to another state.

And for now this little boy would be lost without snow.



4 thoughts on “Dream Job: the sequel

  1. yes I am….I really was coping with the idea. I had looked up if BSF international was there and the churches, as well as figure I do love the beach. But I am a homebody and at a moments notice I have my mother close. Reading your blog and of few of my other friends that have had to separate from family for their husband’s job is part of why I felt like it was do-able….I mean Alaska is a pretty good distance.

  2. wow! i had no idea another country was in the running! i am so glad lance got a year contract. we have been praying for you guys. good to see you last night, but we didnt get to talk.

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