Bye Bye truck

Bye, Bye Truck My hubbie has had this truck since he was 16. Well not always in his possession. Sometime after highschool, he got a red chevy blazer. His dad held onto the truck and used it for hauling wood. His Dad was an amazing wood worker, always creating something. We have a patio set, adirondack chairs, and a bird house, built for us by him. Six months into marriage, we got into an accident and the blazer was totaled. OH I loved that vehicle. Anyway his dad handed lance the keys to the truck once more while we went car hunting. Before we found one, his dad passed away, and we inherited the truck. It had no power steering and was very scary to drive in any winter conditions. It was also a manual, so I never had the pleasure of driving it. Since that point, 4 and a half years ago, we have had 3 vehicles. The truck never really got driven, and at its latest inspection we were told it needed some major brake work. This week we decided it was time to open up the space in the garage, so we donated the truck to charity. Sad to say goodbye for Lance, it was his first car. Exciting for Lance, for the first time in 4 1/2 years he gets to park in the garage.

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