Has it really been 3 years?

my baby boy

My sweet little man, AsherBoo, Monkey, where have the days gone? Time goes by so quickly. You are THREE. Almost 6 years ago, I underwent a surgery that’s results told me getting pregnant might be difficult. A little over five years ago, I finished medicine that put me through menopause so that getting pregnant might be easier. Then the waiting and trying began….and the waiting….and the waiting. February 26, 2006!!!! The Lord blessed our waiting and answered our prayers!!! By June we knew you were a little boy; and by the beginning of September, we finally chose a name. October 25, my OB checked my numbers and said….you are going in to have a baby. I was going to have my baby!!!! At 5:42 AM, my little Asher Douglas was here.


You are what makes me laugh when I am having a long day.  Your smile is contagious and your laugh will always make me laugh.  I am so blessed by who you are and who you are growing to be.  Like Daddy said, I wish I could press pause and just take a moment to really take in these last three years.  As you grow and change, remember how much Mommy loves you.  You were a prayer of mine from the days when I was babysitting other children and now my prayer is that I can train you up in the Word so that you will not depart from it.  I love you, Boo!!  Happy 3rd birthday!


Heading up the gangway

Heading up the gangway

Saying goodbye to my babies

Saying googbye

Ready to Relax (trying not to cry)

Taking a deep breath

See the Florida coast behind me…I love the ocean!!!  Being on it for five days was wonderful…we had two port stops, but honestly I would have been just as happy just sailing.  I like to tease I am part mermaid.  🙂

Rocking Worship

It’s not what you might be thinking.  Faith loves to be sung too.  It relaxes her to where I can just lay her down.  My set list can range from any  nursery rhyme to some popular Broadway Hit.  Tonight was one of those nights I just found myself in awe of my Savior as I stared at my sweet girl.  From favorite hymns to old camp songs, I just sang praises to His name.  Faith’s little fingers reached out and were grabbing at my lips.  The tips of her fingers so soft against my face.  Her eyes just looking long into mine.  So tonight my worship came from the rocking chair.  It’s not really the first time but it was a tender moment that I don’t want to forget.

Reader – Con

Ok so I did a HUGE post about how I loved google reader and I still do. I don’t miss posts from any of the blogs I read. However a con to all the pros is that now I don’t comment as often. Without being on the live blog I find I don’t take the time to go and comment on cutie kids and inspiring words. I need to do better about that.


That is what I feel like…blogging is something I desire to do.  I come up with funny little things my kiddos do, topics I’d love to write about, and just fun things, BUT never find I can give the time to sitting down and doing it.

Did you know my little girl is almost 8.5 months old…I’ve wanted to blog each month. Last one is 6 months. My little man will be 3 the end of this month….I hope to put something here for him.

This blog, journal, diary I don’t know what to call it…for me I want it to be a little scrapbook keeping track of the little things so I don’t forget. But it is elusive, it escapes me, and time well that I just can’t find.

So I’ve come to this conclusion…I will write. It may not always be for the masses but I will write and when I have time I will put up pictures, but I have tried to make this into too much. I will sit down and I will write what comes to me…what they say even if it is only a line…and I will remember.

6 months

Bathing BeautiesMy little girl is 6 months old.  Technically she was a week ago but I figured I’d wait for official doctor numbers before I posted.  Today she weighed in at 14lbs 11oz and 25.75 inches long(I question this one only because the mat they were measuring on was all messed up).

I can’t get over all she is doing.  Sitting up, rolling over, getting up on her knees and rocking her buns…she wants to crawl so bad but is for now mobile with a scooting, army crawl combo.  I love when she gets in crawl position then falls forward on her belly and repeatedly does this to get across the room.  She has one tooth all the way through and and another making its debut.

I am saddened by her constant progress only because I do not remember it going by so fast with Asher.  I question if it is a second child or it has been spring/summer where we are constantly doing things.  MMM, table foodsShe is on solids (if you truly can call it that) and today just because the doctor said she could start “table food”, my mom and I gave her a small sliver of bread and later let her slobber all over a waffle cone Asher did not want.  No, there was no ice cream inside.  🙂

Slow down, my love!!  Mommy is not ready for you to get so big so fast.

Acceptable Eavesdropping

Listening in at the nursery door while your husband sings his little girl to sleep. I just love it and so does she. His voice calms pretty much every storm where she is concerned. Forgive me for saying, but those are the “sexy” moments.

6 years

Today my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  I wanted time to post a bunch of fun pics to remember the day but alas no time was to be had.  So instead I will give a summary of how God truly has our best in mind!!!

We met through a mutual friend and I loathed Lance from the beginning.  He had an uncanny way of getting under my skin and embarrassing me to moments of blushing.  One night as I was encouraging a friend of mine who was having to get glasses, Lance made my heart beat a little faster.  I mentioned that I prefer a guy in glasses, something about the look of intelligence and intrigue.  He stepped out from behind me (you must know he was a regular glasses wearer) and said “How you doin’?” in his most cheesy pick-up line voice.  I was seething as my face went to unmistakable shades of red.  That very moment I knew I liked him but as our friendship grew he made a point to tell me that he could never marry anyone like me.  [I picture the Lord laughing hysterically at us knowing we would end up together]  Summers later I spent counseling at a camp in Georgia praying the Lord would remove the feelings I had for this guy;  I prayed desperately for peace.  I returned home the end of that summer, and as friends do, we got together to hang out.(4th of July @ an airshow)  I had peace, I had God’s control, and I was thrown a HUGE curve ball.  “Sarah, I don’t know any other way to say this, but this summer as I spent seeking God.  He showed me I am going to marry you!”  I thought it was a very cruel joke but turns out not so much.  He went to my father and let him know his intentions.  Lance and I were officially dating/courting by that Fall.  The following February we were engaged, and only 4 monts later, we were married.  June 28, 2003 my love repeated to me those very words that had made my blood boil.  We wrote our own vows and even with contacts on he slipped on his glasses and said “From the day I said, “How you doin’?”  Funny thing, I had the same memory in my vows.

Thank goodness the Lord knows better who we are to be with than we can ever know for ourselves.  I love you, Lance!!  (and I still prefer him in glasses.  🙂

5 months

CheesyToday my sweet girl is five months old.  Without a monthly check-up, measurements aren’t exact but she is approx. 14lbs and 26 1/2 inches long.  She is growing like a weed.  I thought I would just share a few pics of all the new things she is up to.  It has abeen a full month of rolling over (video to come), starting food, sitting by herself, trying out a bottle and then moving onto a cup. She has also discovered her toes are the best chew toy ever.  She seems to be teething but no little whites peaking through just yet.  Time is going by so very fast.  🙁

Not real sure about food


Sitting up

Fleeting Moments

When is it that infants officially become babies, and toddlers become “big boys”.  I can’t narrow it down to a specific month, day or moment, but in my household the change is taking place.

My infant is rolling over now, she has had her first tastes of solid food, and stands wildly jumping in her excersaucer.  Faith is growing so quickly and has a developing personality with smiles and giggles to anyone who will indulge her a few moments of their time.  Suddenly she is a baby.

My toddler is a huge helper, loves to tell me I look like “princess”, and is growing into a tender big brother.  He has figured out how to play pretend and create voices for his inanimate toys.  Asher is quickly soaking up ever new piece of information that is fed to him as he repeats “What’s that Mommy?”  Suddenly he is a “big boy.”

As I sweetly said to my girl this morning as she flipped herself from back to belly and proudly shot me a smile, “Who gave you permission to grow-up?”  I just had to take a moment between loads of laundry and organizing our newly finished basement to lament how quickly time flies.  But to rejoice in how much I love watching them grow.

Thank you, Lord for a husband who works so I don’t have to.  Thank you for the precious moments in which I am able to catch my little ones being so cute.  Thank you for the blessings you have chosen to place in my care.  Allow me to remember they are mine for a time but ultimately they are YOURS. -Amen