6 years

Today my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  I wanted time to post a bunch of fun pics to remember the day but alas no time was to be had.  So instead I will give a summary of how God truly has our best in mind!!!

We met through a mutual friend and I loathed Lance from the beginning.  He had an uncanny way of getting under my skin and embarrassing me to moments of blushing.  One night as I was encouraging a friend of mine who was having to get glasses, Lance made my heart beat a little faster.  I mentioned that I prefer a guy in glasses, something about the look of intelligence and intrigue.  He stepped out from behind me (you must know he was a regular glasses wearer) and said “How you doin’?” in his most cheesy pick-up line voice.  I was seething as my face went to unmistakable shades of red.  That very moment I knew I liked him but as our friendship grew he made a point to tell me that he could never marry anyone like me.  [I picture the Lord laughing hysterically at us knowing we would end up together]  Summers later I spent counseling at a camp in Georgia praying the Lord would remove the feelings I had for this guy;  I prayed desperately for peace.  I returned home the end of that summer, and as friends do, we got together to hang out.(4th of July @ an airshow)  I had peace, I had God’s control, and I was thrown a HUGE curve ball.  “Sarah, I don’t know any other way to say this, but this summer as I spent seeking God.  He showed me I am going to marry you!”  I thought it was a very cruel joke but turns out not so much.  He went to my father and let him know his intentions.  Lance and I were officially dating/courting by that Fall.  The following February we were engaged, and only 4 monts later, we were married.  June 28, 2003 my love repeated to me those very words that had made my blood boil.  We wrote our own vows and even with contacts on he slipped on his glasses and said “From the day I said, “How you doin’?”  Funny thing, I had the same memory in my vows.

Thank goodness the Lord knows better who we are to be with than we can ever know for ourselves.  I love you, Lance!!  (and I still prefer him in glasses.  🙂

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