That is what I feel like…blogging is something I desire to do.  I come up with funny little things my kiddos do, topics I’d love to write about, and just fun things, BUT never find I can give the time to sitting down and doing it.

Did you know my little girl is almost 8.5 months old…I’ve wanted to blog each month. Last one is 6 months. My little man will be 3 the end of this month….I hope to put something here for him.

This blog, journal, diary I don’t know what to call it…for me I want it to be a little scrapbook keeping track of the little things so I don’t forget. But it is elusive, it escapes me, and time well that I just can’t find.

So I’ve come to this conclusion…I will write. It may not always be for the masses but I will write and when I have time I will put up pictures, but I have tried to make this into too much. I will sit down and I will write what comes to me…what they say even if it is only a line…and I will remember.

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