Fleeting Moments

When is it that infants officially become babies, and toddlers become “big boys”.  I can’t narrow it down to a specific month, day or moment, but in my household the change is taking place.

My infant is rolling over now, she has had her first tastes of solid food, and stands wildly jumping in her excersaucer.  Faith is growing so quickly and has a developing personality with smiles and giggles to anyone who will indulge her a few moments of their time.  Suddenly she is a baby.

My toddler is a huge helper, loves to tell me I look like “princess”, and is growing into a tender big brother.  He has figured out how to play pretend and create voices for his inanimate toys.  Asher is quickly soaking up ever new piece of information that is fed to him as he repeats “What’s that Mommy?”  Suddenly he is a “big boy.”

As I sweetly said to my girl this morning as she flipped herself from back to belly and proudly shot me a smile, “Who gave you permission to grow-up?”  I just had to take a moment between loads of laundry and organizing our newly finished basement to lament how quickly time flies.  But to rejoice in how much I love watching them grow.

Thank you, Lord for a husband who works so I don’t have to.  Thank you for the precious moments in which I am able to catch my little ones being so cute.  Thank you for the blessings you have chosen to place in my care.  Allow me to remember they are mine for a time but ultimately they are YOURS. -Amen

2 thoughts on “Fleeting Moments

  1. Amen. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I always need to be reminded to treasure and to be thankful.

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