Today he turned 2!

8x10_01 Today at 5:42 a.m. , my precious baby boy turned 2 years old. I guess he isn’t my “baby” anymore, but I think I will always think of him that way. We had a very fun party yesterday with family, and today was filled with activity. I’ll have to post pictures later because I am sooo tired, but he had two great days. He loved blowing out his candles. One in his donut yesterday morning, twice we lit it last night cuz he asked to do it again, and tonight at my Mom’s he had some leftover bday cake and wanted a candle. Why not! Today is his real birthday anyway. He has become an expert blower without any spit to contaminate things. 🙂

My mom reminded me tonight that this time two years ago, she and I were alone in my hospital room watching the Cardinals in the World Series. Alone, because most of the family had WS parties they were attending. My Dad and Lance were at the game. I got world’s greatest wife for that one. Pop the baby out in the morning, so that he can attend the game that night. He had a poster declaring World Series Baby Born Today with a blown up picture of Asher only a few hours old. Memories are sweet, but I enjoy making new ones with him every day.

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Asher(boo)!!!

4 thoughts on “Today he turned 2!

  1. Hey Sarah! How crazy that Asher is two!! Time flies 🙂 I bet he is super entertaining at this age.
    As far as Adam and the job hunt– he had two interviews at one bank so we hope that works out but haven’t heard back yet… job hunting is such a longg awful process :-/

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