Happy Birthday, Asher!!!


Nana (Lance’s mom) came in to celebrate


His birthday donut


Helping Mommy make the cake


A simple way to do a Thomas cake 🙂

IMG_0911 IMG_0907

A few presents


Loving the attention


His favorite part


FINALLY getting to play with his presents

As always there are more pictures at Flickr, just go click on the pictures to your right. He had such a fun party and has loved playing with all his new toys. We have had a busy couple of days since the party, a lot of them spent away from the house. He walks in the door and sees all the new toys (not put away yet just piled in my living room), and it is like his bday all over again. He runs from one thing to another soooo excited to play. I just love to watch his reactions.

Yesterday was his 2 year check-up. He really doesn’t like the nurses but reacts well to the doctor. He weighed in at 26 pounds, 25th percentile…doctor was so excited cuz it is the highest percentile he has been in since 3 months old. He is only topping out the 10th percentile in height at 32.5 inches. He he 🙂 , I have a small, short little man, and might I add with no buns. Now that we are in underwear, his pants are constantly falling off. Oh well, he’ll probably be just like his Daddy, growth spurt in high school, now is 6’1″. Tall and skinny….just how I like ’em.

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