WIDE awake

It is 6:21 a.m. I lied awake for the last hour or so and finally figured there was no hope in going back to bed. I’ve actually been awake off and on all night. Fifty things running through my head as we have a bunch of family coming over for 2 year old’s party this evening. It’s funny, my mom said when I was a little girl I would get so excited over any major event I’d make myself sick. Hasn’t changed much, I don’t throw-up any more, but I still find it hard to sleep in anticipation. Mostly it has to do with my brain that I just can’t turn off….if I’m not awake thinking about things; they invade my sleep as I dream about them.

Right now I am mulling over a plan for how to decorate Asher’s cake. I probably should just ice it and write Happy Birthday, but I really want to be creative. Problem is I’m not very creative and far from artistic. I’ll have to post a picture with whatever I do. Speaking of pictures, I’m gonna let my brain wander and put up some pics of pumpkin carving the other night. IMG_0828 Lance says I tend to have a little ADD when it comes to my thought processes. I’ll break out with some comment, and he can’t figure out what I’m talking about much less where it originated. In my head it all made perfect sense, I can connect all the dots from let’s say airplanes to lasagna for dinner, but since he is not in my head, he rarely follows, “go figure.” 🙂IMG_0839

Back to pumpkin carving, Asher wasn’t real big on reaching his hand into the pumpkin, but I did manage to get him to enjoy the pleasures of squishing the “guts” through his fingers. He did enjoy eating the toasted seeds with me, which is my boy cuz Lance does not like them at all. This was Asher’s first experience pumpkin carving. His first year he was 5 days old, and last year was very busy with 1 year old party. He had a lot of fun, so I was glad we fit it in this year. Final product: penguins from “Madagascar”, Asher has never seen the movie but he loves “pengins”. We bought 2 pumpkins for my artistic husband; if we have time next week, I think he is going to try his hand at “Thomas the Tank Engine.”


Sorry for the early morning ramblings, but it helped. A small distraction before a long day and gave me another blog for the month of October…..look at that I’m blogging again. 🙂 Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Keep the early morning ramblings coming. At least it gets you writing! I’m very impressed by the pumpkin. My poor girls are deprived as we have never carved one…nor do I know if I ever have myself.

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