First Birthday

Welp his first birthday was a hit. He was a really good boy and even stayed by me while “we” (I say this loosely cuz it was mostly I) opened the presents. He got a lot of fun new toy and some really cute clothes. Pictured here is a onesie from Aunt Heather and Thomas the Train from his Nana. It has buttons that talk, make railway noises, and his favorite play songs. He has already figured out which play songs and pushes them all the time and then bounces up and down to the music.




It took him a minute to really understand the cake concept. Wasn’t too sure about this large mound we had placed in front of him. I gave him a little bit of icing and that was all the incentive he needed. He had little chipmunk cheeks as he shoved in more and more. Hosing him down was the only option when he was all done, in the sink of course.





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