Don’t Blink

A few weeks ago I heard this song by Kenny Chesney. A 102 year old man is asked to give advice about the secret to life. His answer? Don’tBlink!

I blinked! My son has turned one. In one year so much has happened. Ice storms where we had power so we housed the rest of the family who didn’t. Long nights of trying to figure out just which combination of bouncing and rocking would calm him. Singing Christmas songs well past the season because they put him to sleep. Changing foods continually to figure out which ones were stopping him up. The trials and tribulations of breastfeeding made life interesting but rewarding.

Once he became mobile there was…. Child proofing the house and vacuuming every other day. Saying no-no to him as much as the dog. Telling the dog not to chew on Asher’s toys, and turning around to catch Asher chewing on the dogs. Putting up a gate as he discovered stairs and wondering if he would ever be without a new bruise, scratch or scrape.

Life has changed so much for us. Daddy and I still haven’t mastered how long it will really take to get ready to leave the house. Running out anywhere has become a chore; vacation packing doubled. Our late nights have decreased drastically and a date night includes making sure someone can watch him. No more spontaneity — we must have time to plan and prepare.

He has overcome so much: Ear infections and colds, fevers and constipation. There have been so many successes: rolling over, lifting his head up, crawling, pulling up, standing, and four days before he turned one he took his first steps. He has developed his motor skills and surprises us with the things he learns without being taught. His language has developed from soft coos and crying to little words and gibberish sentences.

Our lives will never be the same and every day, I praise God for that. Each day is a new adventure, each day has been a new challenge. Reflecting back on a year, I wonder how it all went by so fast. How one moment I am holding this tiny little man in my arms, he is completely dependent on me. The next moment he is one years old and wiggling to be free and independent.

Happy Birthday, sweet Asher. You are Daddy and I’s pride and joy.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

  1. Can’t wait to see pictures of the boy! It’s tough but so rewarding to watch them grow. I’m already mourning Ella’s 3rd birthday!

  2. i am tearing up! it’s so sad and so wonderful at the same time. autumn is only 12 weeks and it is already gone by so fast. one year will be here before i know it.
    happy birthday asher!

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