usfla2.jpgHe said it. This past Friday my son called out “Ma-ma.” It started at breakfast time as he cried at me for not getting food to him fast enough. MA-ma-ma-ma….not the most pleasant, I took it for just a new way of complaining at me. Then later that evening Daddy and I were in the car, and hating to be in his seat, he whined Ma-ma-ma-ma. My sweet husband says “He’s saying Ma-ma.” Again still not believing it just isn’t the new consonant sound of the week. usfla1.jpgThen Saturday morning, He crawls over to the couch, pulls up to a standing position next to my leg and clear as day spouts, “Ma-ma.” I picked him up and twirled around hollering, “Yeah, baby, that’s me. I’m the ma-ma.” In the last 24 hours we have progressed to mom-mom, and I am not hearing it in my head. My sister (after babysitting for me last night) said that he repeated it numerous times at her house.

Sorry to gush on and on, but HE SAID MA_MA!!!!!!


  1. Yeah!!! Isn’t that the best sound ever? Now you have to look forward to the unsolicited…”I love you MaMa”!
    P.S. to you…we find out on Friday…if all cooperates. Think of us at 8 a.m. on the 19th. I think it’s another girl…we shall see!

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