Grant’s Farm

grant_farm3.jpg You would think that living in St. Louis our first trip to Grant’s Farm would be before our son was 10 months old. However if you think that, you are wrong. Today was our first visit to the “Farm.” Asher loved looking at the animals. I am sure to him they were all puppies of various shapes and sizes.

grant_farm2.jpg Nana and I took Asher and his cousin TJ. He giggled as we fed the goats, except at the moment when their hooves caught his leg. He sat like such a big boy as we watched the creature show. I’m pretty sure his favorite part of the day was eating pieces of a snocone.

In retrospect you have to laugh…10 months old and my little boy had not been to any of our local attractions, and trust me St. Louis has plenty for children and families to do…BUT at barely 6 months old we had dragged him all over Orlando (Sea World and day after day at Disney World). Oh the irony!Feeding the Goats

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  1. hey sarah! he is so cute. tina said he was cute. i am sure you are enjoying motherhood. yes, i am loving married life. i have an amazing husband. praise the Lord!

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