Day of Firsts

IMG_5983 It is interesting that little ones can go weeks doing the same old thing and then one day everything is new! My little man has just really started hands and knees crawling. For the last few months, he has done the army crawl. With one leg dragging behind him, he got the nickname “the wounded soldier”. Anyway…..

Today he started wowing me left and right. I go in to get him this morning and am greeted by the biggest smile. There in his hands are his PJ pants. When did he start undressing himself? We go through our morning routine which involves going to get our puppy. I place him on the floor, normally routine has him crawling to the crate and waiting as I unlock it and let the puppy out. Today he crawls over, unlocks it, and lets the puppy out himself.

IMG_5985 The day goes on as normal, him crawling and getting into things, me chasing and getting him out of them. This afternoon, as I let the dog out to potty, Asher goes to the sliding glass door and climbs to his feet to lean against it and look out. So I take pictures. A little bit later, my same little mover, climbs his first stair. He is all over the place.

I realize these all seem like little things, but to any mother out there I am sure you understand. Their littlest accomplishment is a HUGE thing to us.

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