We have been home almost a week from a whirlwind vacation with my side of the family. Last Sunday we got up at 4AM, yes that’s right, and got ready to head to the airport. Asher was a great traveller. No crying during the ascent or decent. We arrived in Orlando Florida and headed to our condo. (Thanks, Aunt Carol). The day was anti-climatic and good thing because the rest of the trip flew by.

Monday was Animal Kingdom/evening-Magic Kingdom, Tuesday-Magic Kingdom, Wednesday-Epcot, Thursday-Sea World (thanks to dan for hooking us up), Friday- MGM, Saturday- Magic Kingdom one more time. We took time in between and afternoons off to go to the pool and enjoy some naps. All three kids were close to perfectly behaved. Taylor was a trooper and walked every day without a word of complaint while the boys (TJ and Asher) rode in strollers. As a treat, Friday and Saturday a stroller was rented for her.

Nana and Papa (my parents) had a great time sharing with their grandchildren all the same things they did with us as kids. My Nana and Papa (my mom’s parents) used to take us to Magic Kingdom over Christmases. It was fun building new memories. Now there are so many more places to go and things to see. Disney is always growing.

We got great photos. You can check out the right side of this page and click to go to Flicker where Lance posts pictures and later I plan to add a few to the website. It was one of those vacations where you need a vacation from your vacation, but worth it. After another 4AM alarm to head to the airport, we were home in St. Louis with the full Sunday ahead of us. We slept!!!

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