Who’s da Momma?

20061026 092 So here it is. My ten month old has been saying “Da-da” since he was 6 months old. Not once to this day has he uttered “Ma-ma.” He “mmmmms” when we are eating so the M sound is there. He calls for daddy all the time. Yes, even now, he has started saying “daddy” when Daddy walks out of the room. There is always a certain inflection like he is asking him why he is leaving. My sweet husband likes to tell me that he calls me too, just he doesn’t say mama. Apparently I am any consonant vowel combination he hollers when I leave the room.

I love my MommyThis may seem like I am whining or even complaining that my son doesn’t call me by name at his age. However that’s not it. What I want to share is that even though the words are not there, he knows. He knows when I leave a room, so he’ll crawl after to find me. He is aware when I come to pick him up from his Nana’s or the nursery at church; his huge smile screams “Ma-ma.” He needs me to comfort him after he falls and snuggle him before he goes to sleep. Who knows when he will say those precious syllables, but for now, he knows I’m da Momma!

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