Turning Two

Faith 112Happy birthday, my sweet little Faith.! You definitely keep me on my toes.  I can not get over how quickly you have grown up.  You amaze me with all your little discoveries, and the things you figure out all on your own.  Faith, I didn’t think I could get into all the pink and girlie little things.  Your momma is not a “frills” kind of girl.  Faith 276But OH how I have loved dressing you and shopping for all the cutest outfits and shoes.  Shoes is the most shocking, really when your Daddy and I got married he had more shoes then me.  I love buying shoes for you; mostly because how your eyes light up.  You love shoes; which scares me a little for future budget issues, but for now as you toddle around in your dress-up heels or clomp around in mine, I can’t get enough of it.  Copy of IMG_4427You love to dance too. No matter the song or the place, you are always moving to the music.  Just the other night you found great joy standing on your Daddy’s feet while he danced you around.


You run to him now and climb on top of his toes.  You look up at him with this little sparkle in your eye, and he can’t resist. Somehow you knew the moment I put your new tutu on for your birthday that you must spin, and spin, and spin.

Oh, but you are also so full of mischief.

You wedge yourself into the smallest spaces.  You climb to high places where you do not belong.  Faith, what you manage to get into makes me wonder if you have a little Houdini in you.  “Seriously?!  Oh Faith!” comes out of my mouth a lot,


that and the use of your middle name.  I can not get over how very little you speak words but the volumes you speak with the looks you can give.

I’m not sure where you learned to roll your eyes, or how you know we will melt when you wrinkle your noses and shoot off the perfect little smile.


You touch a place in my heart that makes me want to snuggle you and not let go.

My dearest baby girl, I do not want you to grow.  I do not want you to change.  BUT yet grow you do and changing you are.  You decided to potty train yourself by telling me when you needed to go.  You want to dress yourself as you slide two legs into one leg hole and pull up with all your might.  You independent streak is obvious as you holler “Do it” meaning I want to do it myself.


Oh and that brings up the stubborn little temper you have which gets you into the most trouble.  Your Daddy says you get that from me, but the jury is still out on that one.  You can’t do it all by yourself just yet, and yes little one I am your Mommy and though you are a princess I am still Queen.

May the Lord guide your Daddy and me as we raise you.  I feel as though it may not be all that easy.


BUT I am so grateful to Him for every day I have you even the days you play in your poop and it covers your hands and clean up takes 2+ hours.  I am thankful for you on the days you make me crazy and the moments I want to cry.  I love your soft whispers, I cherish the way you cuddle, and I can’t get enough of those tender little kisses.


Happy birthday, Faith!  You are my pink treasure!

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