Flew to Four

I can’t believe it here I am writing another birthday post.  I know it has been said before, but where do the years ago.   Asher is 4 today!!  I can’t get over how much a year changes a little boy.  Taller, heavier, wearing 4t not 3, but really just in how he interacts with others.  Ever so slowly he is starting to come out of his shell.  He still stands in front of the church and won’t open his mouth while the kids around him are singing out loudly.  He shyly turns his head when someone he doesn’t know greets him.  BUT lately teachers say “He talked more today”  “He is starting to share more.”  The best is that he is saying his Awana Bible verses to whoever will listen.  6 verses, my son can quote. He loves school and learning new things.  He is a sponge for knowledge.   A man at church he calls Pop due to the closeness of our families was greeted the other night with an enthusiastic hug; where before he was rarely greeted with a “hi.”  Of all the subtle changes, my favorite was the day he looked at me and said, “I want to pray for lunch.”  It was a simple “Thank you God for my food.  Amen.”  But the tears welled up in my eyes for this was a GIGANTIC leap in his life.  If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting my little man, you probably weren’t greeted, most likely not smiled at, and you very possibly only got the view of the top of his head as he stared at the ground.  However keep trying, I think by 5 you may actually see the color of his eyes.


You make Mommy crazy some days with the way you nonstop chatter.  You make me pray for patience as we work on your repeated sins.  You also make me laugh with some of the phrases you say.  I can’t help but wonder at your observations of the world.  You take on whole new perspectives I myself would have missed without you there.  You make me cry, you touch my heart; and you make me fall to my knees praising God for the gift that is you.   I’ll never forget the years I prayed for you.  May you grow to be an amazing man of God and continue to find joy in the little things.  For even on our worst days, I find joy in you.

Love always and forever,


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