Denying the Date

As I sit here at 1:30 in the morning, I am disturbed by the memory that a year ago this time I was at the computer reading up on contractions that were coming 15 minutes apart.  A YEAR AGO?  It couldn’t be. What is it about the second child that makes me yearn for more time with my baby.  I remember when Asher hit one…it was a milestone, a celebration.  I looked forward to it as we counted the months and watched him grow and change.  With Faith it has been a struggle to even want to acknowledge that today my sweet girl will be one.  She, too, has grown and changed.  Each month was a new stage of development in her life, but somehow each month felt like a mere moment and this year has felt like barely a minute has gone by.  How did it happen that my little angel baby is now an angel one year old.  Oh if only the time would go backwards or like an old movie I could just watch her movements without sound and distraction.  I could hold onto every second that brought her to this date.  But, alas, I cannot so instead I cry only a few tears for the year that flew by in a mere millisecond; and I look forward to the many more the Lord blesses us with our little angel girl.  Indulge me if you will for just a moment and remember with me that amazing day a year ago when my sweet Faith entered this world and my arms.

Final pic of the belly


Faith 112

Faith 094

Faith 296 copy

My, oh, my she has changed.  I love you my little angel baby!

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