Ok, so about a month ago I posted about my plan for weight loss.  I am sad to say no weight has been lost but none has been gained.  :-)  I sit here eating a bowl of Rocky Road as my last chocolate fix before I go “cold turkey”.  I am planning to have zero chocolate for a week.  Small goals at first then I will work to longer amounts of time.

It isn’t as though I feel chocolate is all of my problems but it is a control thing.  I need self control when it comes to sweet things.  Having Easter candy in the house was a HUGE downfall.  Before Easter, I found I had eaten the bag of jelly beans bought for stuffing eggs for Asher.  When I went out to buy more the stores were empty.

Working out has been decent.  I was GREAT those first few weeks and since it has been hit or miss.  Now we do have a two story house with the laundry room in the basement so I do stairs ALOT….that helps.  I have a ring sling that Faith loves.  So there is some excercise there but I’m really trying to develop a routine.  I found I loved the Yoga stretches on the Wii fit.  There truly is something to posture and reshaping my muscles.

Accountability…I type this not because I like admitting my failures and revealing my weaknesses.  I want to be upfront with you the reader and me…I go back and read these posts and I want to motivate myself to want to post more encouraging milestones.  So here goes….NO CHOCOLATE WEEK!

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