Tobias James Allan: Asher’s newest cousin


I know this website is supposed to be all about Asher, but I am a proud cousin. My little baby cousin just had his first baby. He is the youngest of 9 grandchildren and the only boy. I wanted to show off his son, the newest member of our family, and the picture that brought a tear to my eye.


Look at that sweet face.


Allan family: Jimmy, Ashley, and Tobias.

Look at that proud Daddy.

5 thoughts on “Tobias James Allan: Asher’s newest cousin

  1. She had a hard time. She went in Monday morning at a 4 and progressed to pushing. After 4 hours, they had to take her for a C-section. Upon getting him out, they discovered he was face up with the cord around his neck. She is doing very well, and Tobias has some jaundice so he is under a lamp a lot. They are in the hospital one more day, which is a blessing since they would have had to come home in this awful ice storm.

  2. that last picture is priceless, so sweet. thanks for saying what happened, i hadnt heard. sounds like the same thing that happened with patrick.

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