Daddy’s little helper

Asher got a lot of tools for Christmas. He has 3 or more hammers, a plastic set from his Auntie Heather, and a plush set of Handy Manny tools. (quick explanation: Handy Manny is a Disney channel show that Daddy and Asher love to watch together. Okay at this stage Lance watches and Asher humors him.) Anyway we had bought a 9 cube shelf for his “playroom” in our dining room. I don’t have dining room furniture, and it made more sense to be a playroom when his toys were taking over my living room. Daddy watched Asher one morning while I went to BSF leader’s meeting. Anyway, Daddy decided that they needed a project. So he went out to the garage and got the shelving unit that needed to be assembled. I had really wanted the project to be mine (rarely do I get to do a home improvement project beyond vacuuming and dusting.), but after I heard the stories and saw these pics. Well, I really didn’t care. Lance said after he brought in his tools and the big box of disassembled shelves, Asher went to his little tool set and got his own tools. They worked together building. If Daddy hammered, so did Asher. The apparently had a great time together, and it gave Lance a fun picture of what the future might bring. His Dad had taught him wood working, and now since his passing, Lance has inherited all of his tools from a simple hammer to a large scary table saw.( I just envision fingers disappearing). I know one day Lance hopes to have the time to teach Asher the same tricks of the trade. Until then, these are the priceless moments.

What do we do next, Daddy? Helping daddy put shelves together

OW!  my thumb

Ouch, my thumb!

Done yet daddy?

Is this how you use them? Cheese!Peek-a-boo All done!

And what better way to end a “manly” project then to take a picture of the final product.

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