Redundant Apologies

I feel like a lot of my friends have been apologizing for their lack of writing as of late. With the holidays it is hard to find the time to sit and write. My apologies are slightly different. I have the time to sit and write but that is not why people check this page out…..for my exceptional ability to write a stimulating article on snowflake individuality. Admit it you come to see pictures. Well here is where the apology comes in… sweet yet OVERLY busy husband took snow pictures of Asher in “RAW” format. If you understand camera talk (which I don’t), it means they have to be formatted in a specific program to be viewable on something such as this webpage. So since he is swamped; he has not found time to do this for me. So alas, I find I can not put up any pictures or even sadder I have not been able to print them for my frames and photo albums. Uploading the holiday pictures will also be coming, but again I apologize for computers because all pictures are stored on the computer he uses for work, so I have not been able to access them to upload. Oh whoa is me, please say you pity my plight. Please do not black list me from your blog checking…..soon I will have something to show.

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