Crib Prayer

Wow, mommy and daddy aren’t very good at posting as often as we like. You are very much the reason for keep us hopping. Tonight I started a habit I hope not to break. Every day I pray for you, for the little man you are and the not-so little man you will grow-up to be. Tonight however as I laid you in your crib and your eyes sought out mine as though asking if I truly was going to leave you, I prayed. I stood over your tiny 14 (or so) pound figure, with your 10 fingers and 10 toes, and I touched your super soft skin and I prayed:

Lord, watch over him while he sleeps. Protect him through the night. Lord, please cure his little sniffles and for my sake allow him to sleep until morning. Give him true wisdom as he grows in your Word, give his Daddy and I the wisdom to teach him the truths of your Word. Thank you, Lord, for this gift I am leaning over. Only You truly know how perfect and precious he is for he is made in your image. Lord, I praise You for the blessing You have bestowed on us in the form of our very own son. May He grow to bring you glory.

I kissed your sweet little head and walked from the room wondering why I hadn’t thought to do that sooner. So here tonight I hope to start the habit of praying over your crib as you lay there staring up at me…no doubt hoping I will pick you back up….and I know the Lord will truly bless us both.

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