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So Lance gets a kick out of my ADD tendencies when my brain is in overdrive and I tend to spout stuff out that makes total sense in my head but that’s just it, it was a trail I took in my head but only chose to share a piece of it with him. He is always lost and I don’t get why he can’t follow my train of thinking.
Today this very same ADD issue came out in my cleaning. I started out the day with plans to do the normal chores for getting the house ready for company. You know….pick-up clutter, dust, vacuum, change bedding, and of course bathrooms. This is how it went. Pick-up…oh there is that small box of Christmas stuff that never got put away….start looking around for the snowman winter stuff to add to it. Nicely stored in a tub…clean corner by the fireplace…vacuum up wood pieces…sweep out fireplace…vacuum remaining residue of ash. Wow that got vacuum dirty….shake out vacuum chamber….UGH that filter I can’t stand how dirty it gets….get online for an hour searching for replacement filters at good cost…can’t find matching model number…order part that looks right hope it works when it gets here. Clean all vacuum parts, lay them out in the sun….mmm, SUN….cold but nice…the dog needs a moment of my time. Throw the ball with dog to enjoy the sun. Back in to vacuum….move furniture around…nah, I’ll wait for Lance to maybe rearrange our furniture. That plant is overgrown…cut back plant. Think about dead plant on the front porch, go to move it…oh ambulance in my cul-de-sac….keep eye on it to see for which neighbor. Snowman mat still on porch….go to move it…needs to be swept….clean front porch….replace with general Welcome mat. Come in….oh the plant I was trimming. It really needs new potting soil. Replace soil…figure soil is out, kitchen floor is dirty….get other plant trim it down to nothing and add soil. I sweep up my mess and look at the clock 3pm to realize I have not stopped to eat. Fix plate…sit down to think about all I have not accomplished and laugh, “If Lance only knew.” Figure might as well post about it. Surely I am not the only woman in the world who is like this.

Hope this gives some of you something to relate to and others of you something to laugh at….and Honey, you may say, “I told you so.”
OH, and yes through all this I did feed my kiddos, played with them for a bit, and put them both down to nap. BUT have very little house actually cleaned. *SIGH*

2 thoughts on “Just too long for a status

  1. Hahaha! You clean the way I do. I start in one room, fully intending to finish it before moving to the next, but in the living room I find something for the kitchen, take it to the kitchen and start cleaning the kitchen then find something for the bedroom, and off I go. It’s amazing I get anything done at all sometimes. lol I feel your pain, sweetheart, even if I am responding to an old, old post.

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