Keeping it Real

I had a friend recently do a facebook status that she added “just keeping it real.” I liked that, so I’ve decided whenever I want to share something that may paint me in less than a glowing light, I’m gonna just call it Keeping it Real.
Tonight I just feel like a Mom….usually the most wonderful thing in the world. But tonight I feel like it is my identity like there is no Sarah just Mom. Tomorrow as I am greeted with morning hugs and cutie grins I’ll feel differently; however, right now I feel like just a mom.

2 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

  1. Oh Sarah, I remember those days!! I’m glad you “know” that the feeling will pass… doubt to present itself at different times over the years…but to pass again as you rejoice in the blessings of motherhood, spouse-hood (is there any such word);

    Love you!
    Aunt Nene

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