7, 8, 9 months

Wow, it is going by so fast I haven’t been able to post for all her months like I hoped.  I can’t believe she is already nine months old.  I don’t have any recent stats because I am avoiding the doctor’s office like the plague right now.   So here are just a few catch up pictures.  This girl is all over the place!!!  She is little Miss Mischief, and you can’t turn your back on her for a second.

Last time she ever sat still.7 months

Pulled up before I’d ever lowered the mattress


Crawling and Climbing




she was already climbing up when Asher decided he needed to take care of her….it was so cute how protective he got

Pulling up and cruising



As much as I am not really ready for it, I have a feeling she is going to be walking in the next month.  TOOOOO FAST!!!  Slow down baby girl.

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