Has it really been 3 years?

my baby boy

My sweet little man, AsherBoo, Monkey, where have the days gone? Time goes by so quickly. You are THREE. Almost 6 years ago, I underwent a surgery that’s results told me getting pregnant might be difficult. A little over five years ago, I finished medicine that put me through menopause so that getting pregnant might be easier. Then the waiting and trying began….and the waiting….and the waiting. February 26, 2006!!!! The Lord blessed our waiting and answered our prayers!!! By June we knew you were a little boy; and by the beginning of September, we finally chose a name. October 25, my OB checked my numbers and said….you are going in to have a baby. I was going to have my baby!!!! At 5:42 AM, my little Asher Douglas was here.


You are what makes me laugh when I am having a long day.  Your smile is contagious and your laugh will always make me laugh.  I am so blessed by who you are and who you are growing to be.  Like Daddy said, I wish I could press pause and just take a moment to really take in these last three years.  As you grow and change, remember how much Mommy loves you.  You were a prayer of mine from the days when I was babysitting other children and now my prayer is that I can train you up in the Word so that you will not depart from it.  I love you, Boo!!  Happy 3rd birthday!

2 thoughts on “Has it really been 3 years?

  1. How very precious to read your memories (and be reminded)of the journey to Asher’s birth. U. Wayne and I join you and Lance in prayer as you seek to train both your precious children in “the Way of the Lord”.

    Love to that sweet boy! His smile is worth a trip to STL =}.

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