Last night as we got out of the car I saw a Mommy bunny sitting quite still in our yard.  Earlier this week as I walked my friend to her car,  I had noticed a pile of “bunny fluff”.  I assumed probably a nest was nearby but hadn’t investigated.  So upon seeing the Mommy (she took off as I got Asher out of the car), I went to check things out.  This is what I found.

HIding baby bunny

Bunny Nest

So this morning in the daylight I headed out to confirm the muddy patch was truly the was.  Asher and I walked slowly across the yard and almost stepped right on this…



I am amazed at their camoflauge but more so at their ability to stay so still.  You can just imagine the Mommy to baby conversation.  M- “Now when that nosy human comes around you lay real low in the grass and pretend to be part of the dirt.”  B- “Can’t I just hop away?”  M- “No you lay still; she may not even notice you.”

Protecting their young is instinct as is ours.  I find I can hurdle small fences when my young is in trouble….I bet I could even take on big ones, but my recent experience did not call for that.  I will elaborate more when I have the time to post about our Grant’s Farm trip.

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