And her name is…

Faith. We do not have a middle name yet. I feel as though we hurdled a huge mountain getting this far. Girl names were just very hard for me, and this one has been at the top of Lance’s list from the beginning. We are very excited to be talking to her now and teaching Asher her name. We have agreed that if she comes out and in no way looks like a Faith; we have veto power to change it. At Christmas with the different families, we gave personalized gifts that had the grandchildren’s names on it. It took both my mom and his a moment to realize that there was an extra name printed. It was very fun to watch their expressions. It is very real for her to have a name and to be going to the OB every week. It is just a matter of time. I do not enjoy sharing pics of my large belly(esp in color), but I wanted to show Asher giving a kiss to his “baby sistar”, Faith!

9 months

6 thoughts on “And her name is…

  1. Sweet! I love the name Faith. And I think your belly is beautiful. Seriously. What a glorious thing it is to grow a new life! Our bodies will never be the same, but neither will our hearts. Aren’t you glad?

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