Almost 2

Ok, so once a month, not exactly how I planned to bounce back into posting. I mean it is not like we do nothing, and I have nothing to write about. I just don’t find the creative juices flowing, so I choose to not write. Ugh, what an excuse.

Next Sunday my little baby will be two years old. Time has flown by so quickly. I have great plans for a bday post but thought in a spare moment I would write for some sort of anticipation and accountability to actually do it. He has been making huge strides towards growing up in the last month.

1) We are at 90% with out potty training(#2 is giving us issues), any moms with helpful hints would be appreciated.

potty training

2) He gave up his “nu-nu” (pacifier) about 2 weeks ago. Never really even cried for it just had to adjust to falling asleep without the comfort of it. Naps were the worst, he’d play in there for 1 to 2 hours before dozing off.


3) For mommies of boys, you’ll appreciate this…we are potty trained and also mastering standing. It makes going in public bathrooms so much easier.

I just can’t get over how independent he is becoming. His favorite phrase right now is “Do it” translation: I want to accomplish that task by myself. I said to my mom the other day, he is just needing less and less help. My mom teased me by saying, “You had him getting you a diaper and his clothes by age 1.” Now that is an exaggeration he was barely walking then. However, I guess I did instill it; developing his desire to “help” mommy with the little things. I can’t complain other than to bemoan how fast he has grown-up. He will be a huge helper when little sister gets here. 3+ months away…..AAAAHHH!!!!

4 thoughts on “Almost 2

  1. I would go to the dollar store and get little prizes so that if kaylee went poo in the potty she got a prize. and i put them in the bathroom where she could not get them but saw them. and in a week she was going poo in the potty. and then she was a big girl and no more prizes.

  2. Ah! You are making me feel bad. We haven’t even started potty training Austin. He just doesn’t seem ready. That will be so nice for you once your little girl comes, to only have one in diapers.
    Thankfully though, we didn’t have to deal with a pacifier or thumb sucking, as he never took to either of those.
    Great job!

  3. We will have to chat about potty training so I can get some advice… I have no idea where to start! I am sad for Bryson to lose his Tues am playmate!

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