Who’d a thunk it?

Yes, I realize that is incorrect grammar not to mention a made up word, but it seems I have more onlookers than I thought. Friends old and new WELCOME. No pictures just yet, but we had a great time in Florida. Asher enjoyed his first time at the beach, even sunk in his little toesies. The weather was pretty much storms the whole visit. Getting in the ocean was not an option. RED FLAGS everywhere warning of rip tides. The few moments of sun we got we really enjoyed, and between rain showers, we ran to the beach.

Asher had some serious stranger anxiety the first few days. He discovered not all children are as nice as his own cousins. A cousin of my friend’s whacked him over the head with a PVC pipe. After that any small child that got within 2 foot range, Asher let out a warning wail for mommy to come rescue him. It was very siren-like and made me laugh. One main purpose for our trip was to see my friend’s little boy who is 4 days younger than Asher. It wasn’t until day 3 that Asher would really even play with him. He developed a phobia of little children that were his size. Older kids he didn’t mind. But all in all we had a great time and wished it was longer. Pictures will come. Thanks for checking in.

2 thoughts on “Who’d a thunk it?

  1. I found the learning “not all children are as nice” was a tough lesson to watch my kids go through. It seems it was worst somewhere between 2 and 4, when they’re more mobile, more communicative, more independent; but still terribly naive. You want so much to try and prepare them for the various painful experiences, but you can’t. In fact, there’s no way they can even comprehend what they’re in for. So you watch them try to make friends with little demons who enjoy terrorizing them, and you try to keep it from being actually dangerous; but you need to let them get hurt a little, if for no other reason than they really want to make friends with those little brats. And in the end, they need to learn some of those lessons.

    And every once in a while it’s your kid who’s the little jerk, and they shame and mortification is brutal.

    Yeah, glad to have gotten through some of that.

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